Posted by Sharmene Smith, MBA on May 31st 2020



Clovid-19. Like many other small businesses, our business suffered some loss during the quarantine. While they weren’t substantial losses, it was enough for us to reevaluate our business model and products. Many businesses were crippled by their suppliers having to close and lack of available resources. We found ourselves having to be super creative with custom gift requests and paying extra fees to ensure our customers had exactly what they needed. This was extremely stressful.

Over the last few weeks, we revisited our basket catalog and realized that 95% of our gifts were custom requests. A light bulb went off! We need to go back to the basic foundation by which our business was built: Building unique gifts with a personal touch.

How will this be addressed?

  • Warehouse pre-designed gifts: Most pre-designed gifts that are shipped from a out of state warehouse will no longer be available. Although we had a huge catalog of gifts available, we realized that a small and simpler catalog of our popular designs work better for our customers.
  • Gift Bundles/Build Your Own Gifts: We are introducing gift bundling and build your own gifts. These gifts will start with a foundational item (t-shirt, pillow, cup, tote) and allow you to build a bundle or gift set on the same product page. In most cases, the bundle options prices will be cheaper than the prices of the items (if purchased separately).
  • More custom items: We are known for our custom items, so we are bringing back products such as t-shirts and drink ware and adding others like pillows and other decor options.
  • More local collaboration: We want to partner with more local small businesses and showcase local made products in our gifts. We already have an existing collaboration with Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Co., a local handcraft kettle corn company. Their gift line can be found at If you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to email us at

We look forward to serving the Birmingham community and hope to meet you in the near future.