Meet Sharmene


Mission Statement

Our mission is to touch and change lives through unique gifts with a personal touch.


  • To provide unique gift baskets filled with products that exemplify the best that Alabama has to offer
  • To offer unique and personal gift baskets and products to worldwide customers
  • To give the ability for customers to create their own customized products 
  • To provide corporate clients with a one-of-kind promotional product that will wow their customers

Our Story

How did we get our start? For over 6 years, we were making gift baskets for family and friends, members of our local church, and co-workers. We loved the joy that gifts brought to our loved ones and talked about starting Baskets Gifts and Things LLC. Circumstances like full-time jobs and school made it difficult to commit to such a task. Finally, in August 2018, Sharmene left her career as a Program Manager at a prestigious university to pursue building the company alongside her mother, Juliet Mitchell, and husband, Toris Smith. 

We are a loving family whose faith and beliefs allows us to be a blessing to others around us. We believe that our gifts and t-shirts are a form a ministry that brings joy and happiness to the recipients. We pride ourselves in providing unique gifts with a personal touch. In the beginning, we only offered gift baskets that were custom to the individual recipient; however as we continue to grow, we will add standard gifts that can be purchased on any given day.  In October 2018, we joined the National Gift Basket Association to align ourselves with other nation-wide gift basket designers to pursue further training and skills to service our local-based customers. We look forward to continuing to grow and hope to work with you!